In the Bodega de Cosecheros you can remember the flavors of the grapes for wine making that were tasted in the Court, and at the same time check the difference between the wines of yesterday and today. It is worth emphasizing the viura between white grapes and tempranillo, merlot, graciano, mazuelo and cabernet sauvignon among the inks, without forgetting the rich and envied vines aged Grenache, up to 120 years, base for decades of production and the prestige of the wine from Olite.

We continue to produce wines with unique characteristics, and accompany them with the best products of our field. Despite invasions, epidemics, wars and destructions, the ancestral ways of making wine are preserved here and those that for a time were forgotten are recovered. Our wine growers, collect the winemaking tradition of an exceptional region for its wines for millennia. With some three hundred hectares of vineyards in production – secular vineyards with a real frame – we offer something that, like the palace, can only be savored here.

In particular, Cosecheros stands as the winery that preserves and recovers the flavors forgotten through the times -by the wine crises in the Middle and Modern Ages. Those that were great wines for our elders deserve to be savored by us and by the following generations.

The Cosecheros Reunidos Winery maintains as its original headquarters the historic building founded in 1913, before the southern gate and cross of the city, in the Plaza de San Antón and on a series of Gothic galleries.

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