Halal Frozen Chicken


Frozen Whole Chicken

Chicken Breast

Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken Wings Grade A.


Country of Origin: Brazil

Brand: standard brand. Customers preferred label and logo can be printed on vacuum packs and cartons if required.

Quality: Our Frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements.

Certification: HALAL, HACCP, ISO, etc. Halal Certified Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters, Breast, Wings & Whole Chicken: Grade A standard. Carton box of 10 Kg

Processing: Our frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements. Well Dressed and cleaned ,white skin, no bruise , No Blood , no bad smell , No feather No Broken bones , Dry , moisture less than 5% , 100% Fresh and Frozen ,

Specifications for Wings:

– 3 Joint wings 60-100 gr+ A grade or per client request

– 2 Joint wings 55-70 gr+ A grade or per client request

– Mid wings 25-35 gr+ A grade or per client request

– White skin

– No broken bones

– Outer yellow skin off

– Well cleaned and fresh

– No bruises

– No black pads or ammonia burns

– No bad smells

– No excessive blood or blood stains

– Moisture content is less than 3%

Specification for Breast:

– Clean

– No Yellow Skin

– No Feathers

– No Bad Smell

– No Blood

– No Black Pad

– No Bruise

– No Chemical Burns

– Broken Bones Less than 1%

– Moisture Less than 2%

– Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

Range of the Whole chickens: The QTY are distributed according to the following order and Weights per Box:
600 gr ,700 gr , 800 gr ,900 gr , 1000 gr ,1100 gr ,1200 gr , 1300 gr , 1400 gr , 1500 gr , 1600 gr , 1700 gr , 1800 gr , 1900 gr, 2000 gr.2100 gr, 2200 gr

Frozen Requirement:

– Blast Frozen at -40o C

– Stocked at -18o C

Package Requirement:

– 20 kgs carton containing two 10kgs or four 5kgs block raped in polythene sheet.

– Total 20 MT / 27 MT of frozen chicken feet using 20’/40′ high-Q container stored at -18o C

Shelf Life: 24 months from production date

Loading Port: Santos Brazil

Delivery Time: Depending on your port of destination

Price CIF

Minimum Order Quantity:  81 Metric Tons (Three Forty Foot Containers)
Payment Terms: T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) 50% T/T against  Proforma Invoice  and 50% T/T against Bill of lading and other shipping documents

SURVEY: SGS or any International Surveyor on Seller´s expense and certificate on weight and Quantity will have to be provided as part of the delivery documents.


1 . Seller issues Full Corporate Offer in name of the Buyer

2 . Buyer approves FCO

3 . Seller issues draft contract text to Buyer and both parties resolve issues by friendly communication.

4 . Buyer and Seller mutually sign the draft contract and exchange signed contracts through e-mails or through Fax.

5 . Seller’s prepares goods for shipment within 3 business days after confirmation of Prepayment (50%).

6 . Seller’s starts shipping arrangements and provides the following shipping documents to be

forwarded to buyer. Shipping documents to be provided in order to clear goods at destination port.

-Bill of Lading

-Packing List

-Certificate of Weight and Quality by SGS, Bureau Veritas or other international Standard Certification Company.

-Export Declaration

-Commercial Invoice

-Certificate of Origin

-Phytosanitary Certificate

-Cargo Insurance Certificate

  1. Buyer pays 50% against against B/L and other shipping documents.