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With our strategic partners in each area we seek the best solution for our clients with new friendly technologies with the environment


Strategic Partners of Vigwines

Financial group BOD Panama - KiteGenVenture Italy - EcoConection Luxembourg - Easy CPY Limited Dubai - Altair Spain - Bodega Lopez Morenas Spain, Bodega Cosecheros Spain, Bodega Isidro Milagro Spain - Font Salem Spain - Cave Pierrefine France .


VIGWINES is a company with a strong reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality with its operational headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Barcelona, Spain. The Group’s activities encompass Commodities, Food & Beverages, Advice, Real Estate, Renewable Energy and Mining. The business areas of the vigwines company are the following: Food & Beverages, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, Advice, Mining, Finance.


Vigwines International

Trade, Food & Beverages, Renewable Energy, Mining, Business Development - Finance

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