Company Info

With it’s roots in 1985 VIGWINES -Worldwide Mines Group – evolved from pure player merchants in agriculture commodities and food products, as edible oils, wines and staples like rice, sugar, flour and other.

Along the years VIGWINES – Worldwide Mines Group- entered in fields like mining, precious metals, Project developement and more recently in Real Estate.

Today, facing present challenges, VIGWINES is engaged in diverse Government PPP projects in varios world locations to enhance and support food security  for countries and communities alike.

Thus at the same time helping local producers in Spain and other countries to export and develop their crops.

Recently with its involvement in local artists and artisans in several parts of the world, VIGWINES is currently engaged in the support of individual and cultural collectivities.

VIGWINES people are strongly involved in the purpose and spirit of creating value and at the same time improving people life.