Electric Bus

K-BUS: An Innovative Idea for a Clean and Sustainable Public Transport System

The mostefficient, cheap and eco-friendly public transport system. Insteadoftraditionalbatteries, the k-bus employsultra-fast charging capacitorswhichmakeit more competitive thantraditionalsystems, simply in termsofcosts, dimensions, consumes, logisticsand disposal.

Electric bus with an internal ultra-fast recharging system integrated with the road infrastructure. The K-bus employs super-capacitors instead of normal batteries, thus obtaining advantages in terms of costs, dimensions, consumes, logistics and disposal. The bus is fully recharged at the bus stop, during the normal pick-up and drop-off time

K-bus technology: other fields of application

Beyond the local transport system, the k-bus technology can be employed on every kind of vehicles which have defined paths and regular stops:

  • Urban logistics (postal system, courier…);
  • Waste management;
  • Airports, factories, etc;
  • Eenvironmentally protected areas (pedestrian zones, hospitals,..);
  • School bus
video K-Bus