Solar Energy


Torresol Energy

A joint venture between Sener and Masdar, Torresol Energy has three concentrated solar power plants in Spain – the 20-megawatt Gemasolar plant, and the Valle 1 and Valle 2 plants with capacity of 50 megawatts each.

Gemasolar is Torresol Energy’s first project to use central tower technology and heliostats. The plant’s technological innovations include the solar receiver system and molten-salt heat storage system.

The heat-storage system, which can reach temperatures of more than 550 degrees Celsius, extends the plant’s period of operation beyond that of most conventional thermoelectric solar power plants. Gemasolar is the first commercial plant in the world to apply such technology.

Torresol Energy is one of several Masdar-funded international projects.

Quick Facts

  • Plants: Gemasolar, Valle 1, Valle 2
  • Installed capacity: 20 megawatts -Gemasolar; 50 megawatts each – Valle 1, Valle 2
  • Emissions reductions: 30,000 tonnes annually at Gemasolar.