Grupo Vigwines INternational provides direct access to performing D2, Diesel Fuel & GasOil products suppliers. Grupo Vigwines International uses its global D2, Diesel Fuel / GasOil supplier market knowledge and logistics experience to optimize our supply chains and service our diesel fuel customers around the world.

Grupo Vigwines International sources Gasoil products such as D2, Diesel Fuel from direct suppliers such as private companies, production companies, oil majors and refineries worldwide. We work with small to large scale D2 suppliers with the marketing expertise to help distribute their Gasoil / diesel fuel production globally.

Grupo Vigwines International operates primarily as physical traders in the Gasoil / diesel fuel industry. We source D2 diesel fuel from a variety of private companies, production companies, oil majors and state-owned oil companies that have verifiable supply of Gasoil / diesel fuel products.

Our customers need a reliable fuel trading partner that offers high-quality, comprehensive services and precise, tailored delivery – on time every time. We have built an organization, a structure and a culture that can achieve that anywhere in the world