Advice & financing

Vigwines, through the area of consulting and consultancy, develops projects to accompany institutions and organizations, advising them in the development of solutions that meet their needs, through participatory methods according to the particular requirements for Organizational strengthening.

The activities developed in this area range from the promotion and initial contact with the organization, the preparation of a technical and economic proposal and finally the search for funds necessary for the development of the project.


  • Search for financing for projects
  • Strategic management
  • Structural and functional analysis
  • Human development management
  • Management of information and communication technologies
  • Impact evaluation of programs and projects
  • Formulation and evaluation of projects

 Areas of activity

  • Renewable Energy
  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Building
We provide the knowledge in engineering and consultancy our clients need for the development and management of their transport systems.

This knowledge extends to all sectors: aviation (including air transport, airports and air navigation), railways, roads, river transport, urban and sea transport and building.




Urban Transport




Air navigation




River transport

















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NIGER: Stratégies pour le Développement Socio-Économique et L’Investissements dans L’Énergie, L’Infrastructure Logistique, Mines, L’Agriculture et L’Elevage.

Vigwines International, il l’a fait une Proposition Technique: D’évaluation, Étude et Planification, Stratégie et Gestion pour le Gouvernament National de la République de Niger.

Ces documents ont été presentes au Ministre Excellence Monsieur Dr. H.E. AMADOU BOUBACAR CISSE. Ministre de la Planification Economique, Aménagement du Territoire et du Développement du Niger. Gouvernement National Du Niger