Renewable Energy

Power and Heat Generation

Residential estates as well as commercial and industrial enterprises around the world are increasingly needing reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy to cover their demand for electricity, heat, cooling and mobility. Renewable energies can make a substantial contribution to covering this demand, both in private households as well as in commercial enterprises, traffic and the public supply of entire residential estates.
Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies are mostly based on inexhaustible resources. They encompass an energy mix of wind energy, bioenergy, solar energy, hydropower and geothermal energy. Various technologies are on hand to make use of the world’s available natural potentials.

In combination with storage and grid technology, renewable energies can be stored or transmitted and distributed over long distances from their place of generation to the centres of consumption, and thus utilised optimally with regard to demand.

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Wind Energy








Geothermal Energy






















Solar Thermal Energy








Solar thermal power plants












Solid biomass